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Learn how to make sushi

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A lot of people love sushi dish and a number of people love to make sushi at home. These days it has become very famous all across the world. There are different types of sushi made by different types of chefs but you can choose your own way to cook it. Just know the basics of cooking it and you can make varieties of sushi on your own.

Some of the basic and essential ingredients required for making sushi are – a cup of rice that are short grained, water 1 ¼ cups, rice vinegar 2 table spoons, salt ½ tea spoons and 1 ½ tea spoons of sugar.

First of all you are required to wash rice thoroughly under running water in a big bowl and rinse carefully. Strain the rice for approximately 30 minutes and put in the Japanese rice cooker or a heavy pot. Add water to it and the keep it on high heat. Initially do not cover the cooker or pot until the water comes to boiling state and after that put the lid on and slow the heat.

Let it cook for approximately 15 minutes or until the water is absorbed. Now turn off the heat and let the steam cook the rice for at least 6 – 7 minutes. Now transfer the rice into another bowl which is shallow and made of wood. Do not use any metal bowl. Now allow cooling down the rice and you can even use a fan; but remember do not refrigerate it in any case. This will spoil the rice and your entire dish.

Now choose what type of toppings you are willing to use such as raw or cooked fish such as tuna or salmon or any other type of sea food that includes prawns, squids and shrimps etc. It is recommended to choose deep salt water fishes.

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