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C2C Crochet Rectangle Tutorial

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C2C Crochet Rectangle Tutorial

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Learn how to make C2C Crochet in a rectangle

In this article I want to show you how to crochet a rectangle using the corner to corner (c2c) stitch pattern.

Work in the traditional c2c pattern until one side of your work is the width of the shorter side you want your rectangle to be.

You make 3 stitches and continue your row When you reach the end, you stop before doing the last square and you make 1 single chain stitch again, turn the work and you make slip stitches up to the chain space of the 3 chain stitches …
Then you make normal squares to finish the diagonal …
1 chain stitch, turn, slip stitches until the chain space, 3 chain stitches, make the squares from the diagonal, and so on to finish the square

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