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Why High-Protein Diets Accelerate Loss Of Kidney Function

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The problem with this dietary nutrient is the manner in which it is metabolized. The enzymes present in the gastrointestinal tract break down proteins into individual amino acids. They are further divided into nitrogen and non-nitrogen parts. The non-nitrogen parts are used by the body for the production of fat or glucose and the generation of energy or are recycled into amino acids. The nitrogenous compounds are waste products and are flushed from the system.

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The kidneys take part in numerous body functions primarily waste removal. Healthy excretory organs are able to remove protein wastes even when consumed in large amounts. However, the diminished function, in case of CKD, leads to the accumulation of non-nitrogenous compounds in the liver and kidneys. The condition is called Blood Urea Nitrogen and it causes dehydration. Thus by eliminating these food types, you can reduce the strain on the renal organs and prolong their life.

Protein Diet for Kidney Disease Patients – Before and During Dialysis
Chronic kidney disease treatment supports a protein-restricted diet. Nonetheless, it cannot be severely restricted because it sustains important body activities. They are nicknamed the “building blocks of life”. Amino acids participate in all cell functions. They build muscle mass and help maintain healthy weight. Some proteins enable body movements while others protect the body from germs. Hence, a renal diet calls for a restriction of this dietary nutrient to a nominal amount per day.

The daily protein intake differs for a CKD patient on dialysis and not on dialysis. A person in the early stages of CKD using medication as a primary treatment must have a low protein diet. The quality and amount of protein varies based on the food. Meat, eggs and milks are rich sources of proteins. They are also high fat and cholesterol foods. Chicken breast, low-fat dairy foods, lean red meats, fish and soy products are kidney-friendly and heart friendly foods.

On the contrary, persons on dialysis are advised to increase their protein intake. Dialysis is an artificial filtration process used to help the excretory organs wash out wastes from the blood. But while removing wastes, it also removes necessary nutrients. Therefore, when you start dialysis sessions, you will have to eat more protein. It is safe to eat 8-10 ounces of protein per day. Foods you can include in your diet are egg (egg white or egg white powder), poultry, fish and pork.

When you suffer from CKD or any other ailments, you should not make any dietary changes on your own. Consult a dietician or a nutritionist. A health care professional will guide you on an appropriate eating plan designed to meet your health requirements and in keeping in mind your health condition.

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