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Does Eating More Sugar Causes Diabetes Or Not?

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Here I want to explain a basic doubt which will arise in the minds of diabetic or non diabetic people that eating more sugar causes diabetes or not?

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First of all what is diabetes and how it is caused? Diabetes can be genetically or acquired (in the sense non-genetic), in the body when we take food body simplifies it into glucose which is a main energy generator and this glucose is produced rapidly when we eat any food stuff for this body converts this glucose into glycogen storage component and when needed again glycogen will be converted to glucose.

The function of converting glucose into glycogen will be monitored and done by an enzyme called insulin and when this insulin which is produced from the pancreas is deficient in its production then more glucose will remain in the blood stream, glucose content in the blood will increase and this is not good for the body. This glucose which is in the blood will come out through urine.

This is the all the basic knowledge on diabetes but coming to our question eating more sugar causing diabetes, I will give an equation that is eating more and more sugar (not normally ok) then more glucose will remain in the body and more the insulin should be secreted from the body then the work load on pancreas increases, going on like this the efficiency of pancreas decreases and the production of insulin will be decreased or stopped finally leading to diabetes!

This is an assumption and it is possible so what we should do is to regulate our body glucose by doing exercise so that the blood glucose will be utilized when we do exercise and even obesity can also be controlled as more and more glucose in the body causes fat deposition finally leading to obesity.

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