Good Fruits For Diabetes Are There Such Fruits

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The prime question that springs up in the minds of the diabetics is whether there are fruits to claim as good fruits to eat for diabetes. The striking sure answer is ‘Yes’. There is no point to deny this ‘yes’ by saying that it is wrong. This is because of the fact that all fruits are not ‘sweet’ bearing sources detrimental to diabetics. The sweet news is that there are some fruits containing antioxidants, fiber, and fructose to keep normal sugar levels. As a matter of fact, fruits are nature’s gift to help a diabetic to fight diabetes. Here is a small description in support of eating fruits for diabetes. It can also be claimed that there are certain good fruits for diabetes.

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Fruits high in fiber:

It is always safe that a diabetic chooses to eat more of good fruits for diabetes to keep healthy. How long a diabetic gains survival is not the point but it is how he lives even with diabetes. As such, American Diabetes Association suggests consuming fruits rich in fiber as well as fruits of low glycemic index(identified as LGI foods). That way, a diabetic is enabled to manage his diabetic condition without allowing blood sugar spike. Eating high glycemic index foods can result in damaging any part of the human functional organs connected to the central nervous system. This is so because the dietary fiber keeps down the sugar absorption in the blood stream. If you are keeping normal sugar levels, you can be safe from all risks followed by high blood sugar when the accumulation of saturated sugar increases in the blood cells. Fiber rich fruits comprising edible skins and seeds are the store houses of fiber component. In this category, you have avocados (6.7%), pomegranates (3.4%), blueberries (2.7%), apples (2.5), kivifruit, Pears and Apricots (2.1% each), and strawberries (2.0%) where the percentage in brackets indicates the fiber content. So it is left to your choice to consume the available fruits which is a natural way of managing diabetes without solely depending on prescription medicines.

Fruits high in fructose:

Fruits rich in fructose are highly recommended as best fruits for diabetics for the good reason that the fructose itself metabolizes the system without the help of bare insulin. Hence, a diabetic is enabled to keep off insulin resistance problems. An additional benefit that fructose encompasses is the characteristic of low glycemic index level 19. This is very much lower than the GI values of glucose (100) and sucrose (60). High fructose fruits are best suggested by dietitians to keep control and maintain normal blood sugar levels. You have apples, guavas, pears, and mangoes under the list of fruits comprising fructose in plenty. It has been established by research studies that any diet containing fructose with 20% carbohydrate calories improves insulin sensitivity by 35%. Just for this benefit, diabetic diet plan emphasizes fructose source to control blood sugar in the bloodstream. Here is a warning for diabetics that fruits high in fructose should never be consumed in the form of beverages like corn syrup and fruit juice because they are commercially more sweetened than in natural whole fruits. They are indeed detrimental to controlling diabetic sugar. The extreme amount of sweeteners added in beverages and juices can damage the nutritional benefits in the fruit source. More than that, consuming sweetened juices and drinks frequently can cause obesity, the foremost enemy for diabetics.

Fruits to fight diabetes through weight loss:

Since obesity is connected with diabetes either directly or indirectly, maintaining normal weight of the body is a must. As such, diabetics are advised to consume grapefruit, apple, and pears to dig out bad cholesterol and bring down body’s weight. Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries top the list of super foods for weight loss.

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