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Diabetic Diet Tips – 5 Tips on What to Avoid and Include

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Diabetes, being a threatening disorder of the body, should be kept checked for the variations in blood sugar levels. If not, the affected condition of the patient will become more aggravated. Ultimately, many problems will be the final result which can be turned towards right channel by following diabetic diet guidelines. Whether you are a diabetic patient of type 1 or type 2, the most important care needs to be extended, and you should stick on to diabetic diet tips. A regular diabetic diet meal plan can be helpful to keep off the risks following fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

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Avoid white rice and pasta

Any food in white rice will actually be giving more harmful effects than good things. This is because of the high glycemic index level of the white flour or rice. If at all you are particular of white rice or pasta dishes, it is just to your advice that you cut short the size of the food intake to avoid increase of blood glucose in the blood cells.

Go whole grain

Whole grain dietary foods are recommended for the simple reason that they comprise the nutrients without loss. Whole grain products are self content with good amount of dietary fiber needed to keep your digestion system balanced in functioning. Also, there is no loss of the ingredients except for a very little amount when boiled. So, any diabetic diet plan recommends whole gain cereal, and whole grain bread rather than ground to flour form.

Avoid junk foods

As junk foods are high calorie foods, they are potent to raise your body’s fats. The harmful fats are still raised when you happen to consume fried foods that contain hydrogenated oils. The net result of choosing to eat junk foods will be the increase of body’s sugar level. So, diabetic diet menu does not include junk foods and junk foods. If at all you have cravings for these bad foods, you are advised to use olive oil or canola for frying.

Avoid excessive alcohol

Consuming excessive amount of alcohol cannot be tolerated by the physician when a person is prone to diabetes. Alcohol consumption in excess will have serious effects in diabetics in future. Excessive alcohol can damage the liver function of the diabetic.

Avoid fatty foods

As fatty foods are detrimental to the health of the diabetics, it is best suggested to include skinless poultry, and lean meat rather that high calorie beef and red meat in your diabetic diet sheet. Sea food is better than animals and birds when you have cravings for non veg foods.

Are you ever born to develop diabetes complications with you? No, start controlling blood sugar which is really an art. If you want to be an expert and safe, you should keep up with Diabetic Foods to Eat AND Diabetes Foods to Avoid. Varadharajan R is the author of this article. This article can be used for reprint on your website provided all the links in the article should be complete active.

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