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10 Simple Food Concepts Every Person Living With Diabetes Should Know

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You know, I’ll bet you’ve heard or have seen all this stuff before. But pay attention anyway. It is good information. Most people living with diabetes that I surveyed, know what not to eat, but not always what to eat, or how to eat it. (combining proteins and carbs) Most all of those surveyed told me what you should eat, that exercise is great, and what vitamins are needed. Then the next thing they say is “whoa, I just told what all you need to do, and I don’t even do that myself! Diabetes is a deceiver. Dump that “just one more doughnut” attitude. Here you go.

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1. Try to eat five or six small balanced meals each day. Don’t starve yourself, eat a small healthy snack if you need to between meals. Be prepared. Keep healthy snacks handy.

2. Don’t eat just carbohydrates for a meal. Always combine protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats into balanced meals. If you eat just carbs, like bread, candy, deserts, pasta, or even just fruit, your insulin levels will spike.

3. Try to avoid processed/refined grains like flour. Actually, try to avoid eating anything white. Try to eliminate eating white bread, pancakes, pastries, sugar-laden puffed rice cereals, snack crackers, potato chips, pasta, and my favorite, doughnuts!

4. Limit Carbohydrates to fruits and vegetables (starchy). Good ones to eat, but keep them to a smaller portion are; potatoes (not french fries or potato chips) summer squash, sweet potatoes, lima beans and peas.

5. Always make sure you meet your protein needs everyday with a good quality protein, either plant based or select cuts of meat, or fish. Limit your portion size to about as big as the palm of your open hand. Combine this with your carbs.

6. Fats. Doesn’t that word just sound gross? Well, you need fats in your diet. But they need to be healthy fats like cold pressed olive oil, fats from fish, or even from small amounts of avocados or raw nuts. Avoid trans-fats like margarine, lard, shortening, etc. Limit your calories to no more than 31% from fats. Flaxseed oil and good quality cold-pressed fish oil is suggested.

7. High-fiber diet is very beneficial for diabetics. High-fiber foods such as brown rice, whole grain cereals, fresh raw vegetables and fruits, lentils, nuts, seeds, and bran, are just a few. Be sure to include these in your daily diet.

8. Eat your vegetables! Fresh is better. Organic fresh is best. Vegetables just seem to help balance everything. Broccoli is one of the awesome ones to eat often. Full of nutrition, minerals and antioxidants, they provide nutrition without spiking blood sugar. They also help fill you up and make you feel satisfied.

9. Avoid sugar. You know what to avoid, candy, sweet rolls, cakes, pies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, SODA POP, fruit juices, (unless fresh squeezed and minimal amounts). But there is so much sugar in processed foods that you have to be careful. Sugar has many names. Learn them. Corn syrup should be banned! In my guess, corn syrup is probably responsible for a large portion of diabetes cases. Probably more than any other one ingredient.

10. Drink good clean pure water. All day. Make water your beverage of choice. Maybe even make it your only beverage. Can’t go wrong with this one!

So there you have it. Nutrition is the name of the game. A huge “piece of the puzzle” for preventing, delaying, or reversing diabetes.

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  1. Lois Smith says:

    Spinach … I eat spinach … a lot of spinach. And cucumbers, onions, cherry tomatoes, throw every thing I can think of into a salad … a big salad. I love raspberries but to eat them often gets expensive.

  2. […] 10 Simple Food Concepts Every Person Living With Diabetes Should Know […]

  3. […] 10 Simple Food Concepts Every Person Living With Diabetes Should Know […]

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