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Bee Pollen And Diabetes

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Diabetes and bee pollen is not something you would normally expect to see together in the same sentence. However, bee pollen has positive effects for diabetes sufferers.

Before we discuss the benefits, I think a brief explanation of diabetes is needed for the people who are not really sure what it is.

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body is not able to produce the necessary insulin required by the body which in turn leads to blood sugar levels rising to a dangerous level.

This condition is known as diabetes and it is chronic or never ending.

This is often described as a “lifestyle disease” as it is frequently found in people who are overweight, obese or who do very little physical exercise.

There is another condition known as pre-diabetes where some of the indicators of diabetes are seen, which can eventually lead to diabetes.
At this point diabetes is still reversible by people who make the right lifestyle changes, such as being careful with their diet, taking regular exercise, and controlling their weight – all of which are very important.

The US CDC states that pre-diabetes is estimated to be found in 79 million people in the USA which gives some indication of the problem.

The most common form of diabetes affecting almost 18 million Americans is Diabetes 2, which is itself not reversible. Statistics show that diabetes occurs most in people who are overweight and over 40 years of age.

Regardless of whether people are taking medication or insulin for this condition, the above mentioned lifestyle changes are an essential part of the treatment for diabetes.

This is where bee pollen comes into the picture.

Bee pollen and diabetes

Bees collect nectar from flowers, and at the time they are doing this they are also collecting pollen. This pollen is collected by it sticking to the bee’s body and legs.

It is then mixed with some nectar and some bee saliva and this is where “bee pollen” is created. This is the food used by the bees which allows them to lead their incredibly busy lives, and to provide all the nutrients for growth.

This superfood is extremely dense in all the 96 known nutrients and comes with trace elements, enzymes, minerals and essential amino acids. This is often referred to as nature’s perfect food.

There are many benefits that can be obtained from bee pollen but the following benefits are of particular interest to people with diabetes problems:

– weight gain can be controlled as it increases the metabolism and normalizes chemical imbalances in the body,

– it is a great source of anti-oxidants,

– it contains Nicotinamide that has been used in diabetes treatment and prevention,

– by boosting the immune system it helps with wound healing and fighting diabetes (Vitamins A,C and E)

– stamina, endurance, energy, and strength is increased (Vitamin B3 complex)

– physical and mental reaction is improved,

– and it relieves stress.

– also at only 90 calories to the ounce it is a low-calorie food giving a high nutrient value per calorie compared other sources of food.

You can see that this is a powerful addition to your fight to minimize the ongoing effects of having diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Combined with a healthy lifestyle this will increase your overall feeling of wellbeing.

How do I take bee pollen?

The easiest way to gain the benefits of this superfood is to take it in the form of supplements which will not only contain a measured dose but will be boosted even more by the added natural ingredients.

However, it is always best to make sure that you buy only from the most reliable sources, from places where there is a clean and healthy environment and the supplement is produced under the strictest manufacturing processes.

David Laurence is a long time advocate and researcher of natural cures for health problems. Visit his website now at [http://pollenhealthbenefits.com] The products we use come from the pristine environment of New Zealand with excellent results. Be sure to check out our bee pollen benefits and discover more information about the benefits of bee pollen.

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