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Mandarin Orange Cake For Diabetics

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ne of the worst features of a diabetic cake is that it is so dry, and this is because of the product baking without sugar as without this product what ever is it you are baking it will not brown so well and it will also cause the dryness experienced. But since these modern times there have been ways to make a moist diabetic cake, a particular recipe is the one of the Diabetic Mandarin Cake and this cake is very entertaining to the appetite.

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There’s a certain product that makes the cake get an extra flavor and that is the Stevia it is a very expensive product but to bake this cake all you will need is two packs of it. And the mayonnaise adds more moisture and texture to the mix, so therefore when it is finished baking and comes out of the oven and you are using a fork to prick it make sure you be very kind with the picks. And this cake is also loved by people who are sugar lovers as if it is filled with sugar.

The first procedure of making the cake is to rinse oranges with tap water and drain them and drain again, put eggs in a mixing bowl with Splenda and mix you can add the Stevia, flour, salt and soda if required by the individual who is making it. Mix all of these ingredients together and then add your mayonnaise and oranges, use electric mixer on this for three minutes after this is done get your baking pan ready and insert the cake into the oven at 350* degrees until you can stick in a tooth pick and it comes out clean.

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